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Ecotourism in russia

As one old soviet song says, “my dear country is wide, there are plenty of forests, plains, and rivers; I know no other country where a man breathes so freely”.

And it is the absolute truth. There are places in Russia where the nature is pristine and untouched for hundreds of thousands of square kilometers.

In the territories untouched by active urban construction you can still find settlements that preserve the way of life and traditions from a thousand years ago. The forests are full of wild animals, the rivers are rich in fish, and the locals make a living hunting and fishing.

These are excellent conditions for ecotourism, rural tourism and agritourism, which have gained popularity over the last decade.

As big cities dwellers escape from the noise, fuss, and smoke, they can enjoy the amazing feeling of unity with real nature. They can forget about rush hour traffic and the crazy rhythm of city life, and instead enjoy the fresh air, views, and serenity. Ecotourism is the best opportunity to relax and replenish your energy, gain new experiences , new knowledge, good vibes, and probably new skills. But you should remember the most important rule: do no harm to nature. Make sure that when you are leave everything is exactly as it was before you came. With that, this clean corner of the planet that has helped you, will help others after you as well.
Now, a few words about Russia, the largest country by area on our planet. In this country all climate zones are represented, from the arctic to the subtropics, with swings between summer and winter temperatures as great as 70 degrees Celsius. The country with an amazing variety of landscapes, where it is difficult to choose between clear lakes and rivers or mountain ranges, hills and hot springs, tundra, forests or plains.

Today we offer the following routes for eco and agro-tourism:


Somewhere far, far away behind the mountains there is a magical lake. It is the world's largest natural fresh water reservoir. Clean, deep, and surrounded by hills, what does it have to offer? Hiking, fishing, and even mountain skiing. The unique flora and fauna in untouched nature and Buddhist shrines in the cities of the region.


The land where president Putin himself goes on holiday. Why? Because it is well worth it. Those who have been lucky enough to travel here say that Altai is like Switzerland, a special kind of Alps in Siberia. What is there for you to see and do? There are plenty of choices, including mountains, lakes, meadows, horseback riding, beekeeping, and archaeological sites. All there for you.


Northern European Russia. The Ladoga and Onega lakes, rivers, forests and tundra allow you to go hunting, fishing, hiking or skiing, as well as do more active sports, including diving. Karelia has some interesting pastimes for you all year round.


Perhaps one of the most hard-to-reach corners of Russia, not only for foreign tourists but also for any Russian, if he or she is not a local resident. Anyone who has heard about this area of the country wants to go there, but for most of people it will remain a dream. We will make this dream come true and let you see the world of volcanoes and geysers, glaciers and waterfalls with your own eyes.

The Astrakhan Oblast

The land known to every Russian for its watermelons and black caviar. You will have the Volga delta and blossoming lotus fields in autumn, with mind-blowing fishing, bird hunting and travel by boat or speedboat.

Feel free to contact us and we will arrange your holiday in a real Russian village with a steam sauna, fishing, hunting, traveling on horseback or donkey, camping in tents around a campfire under the stars, hiking, or whitewater rafting. All of this in constant contact with nature and in good company.