Travel with kids

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Travel with kids
The main rule of family travel - children should be fun. Then the parents will be able to relax. Skyscanner advises where to ride a camel, get acquainted with Baba Yaga, learn how to make a tornado, live in a castle, see little bisons and do other interesting things.

The main rule of family travel - children should be fun. Then the parents will be able to relax. Skyscanner advises where to ride a camel, get acquainted with Baba Yaga, learn how to make a tornado, live in a castle, see little bisons and do other interesting things.

"Ethnomir", Kaluga region

To drink tea in the Kyrgyz yurt, look into the Russian oven, stroke the Siberian husky, embrace the idol from Easter Island, learn how to weave Indonesian baskets, see how they write with Chinese ink - all this can be done in one place without leaving Russia. "Ethnomir" in the Kaluga region is an interactive open-air museum in which children and adults get acquainted with the life of the most diverse peoples.

Etnomir begins from the street of the World - several pavilions, where the facades of dwellings from all over the world are flanked side by side. Take a photo in the interiors, take part in master classes and find unusual souvenirs. Etnodvory still believable: these are real traditional houses. Go inside to find out how he lives in a Belarusian hut or Tuvan plague. If you do not manage everything for a day, stay in "Ethnomir" to spend the night - for example, in a Ukrainian mud hut.

Prices: adults - 500 ₽ on weekdays and 600 ₽ on weekends and holidays;

children under 5 years - free of charge;

children from 5 to 12 years old - 250/300 ₽;

adolescents from 12 to 18 years old - 300/500 ₽.

Master classes - 100-400 ₽ per person.

Where is located: Kaluga region, not far from Borovsk. Driving directions.

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Prioksko-terasny reserve, Moscow region

The most famous project of the Prioksko-terrasny reserve in the south of the Moscow region is the bison breeding center. It was created in the middle of the XX century, when the largest land animals in Europe almost completely destroyed, and only a few dozens of individuals remained in zoos. Now around 4,600 bison live in the whole world, two thirds of them are in the wild. This is a unique example of the return to nature of an almost extinct species.

To solid animals and their touching offspring organize excursions. Bison - the animals are massive and unpredictable, so they admire them through the fence. And people walk along a narrow road, and bison - over a vast territory, as if in a zoo we, not they. Even in the nursery you will find bison, spotted deer and wild boars.

Prices: adults - 400 ₽;

children from 7 to 17 years old - 200 ₽;

children under 7 years - free of charge.

Where is located: Moscow region, Danki. Driving directions.

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"Nikola-Lenivets", Kaluga region

One of the main places in the country where modern art is born is the Nikola-Lenivets art park in the Kaluga region. Among the forests and fields grow unseen buildings from small to giant, mostly wooden. While adults are racking their brains over what the creators put in the "Lazy Ziggurat" and what "Bobur" means, children pester the "Universal Mind", saddle the "Golden Taurus", rush through green meadows, breathe the cleanest air and bathe in the Ugra.

To get plenty of time, move around the park on bicycles (in the summer hire runs). When you roll your appetite, have dinner at the Ugra Cafe on the pond, in the dining room in Koltsovo or in the salad bar "Behind the Garden", where they cook from products from the local eco-farm. And if you want to stay, spend the night in a campsite in tents or choose a house. Our favorite is a wooden "Clover" with a transparent wall.

Prices: entrance to the art-park "Nikola-Lenivets" is free of charge

Where is located: 80 km from Kaluga. How to get there.

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Kidburg, St. Petersburg

To release a real report, to deliver letters and parcels to the addressees, to catch and neutralize the offender, to check the patient's vision - it is not necessary to wait for adulthood to try on adult professions. The authors of "Kidburg" created a model of an adult city, where the leading roles are children. Police, airport, farm, building, school, beauty salon, refueling, bank, supermarket - "Kidburg" consists of these and other important places in adult life.

The first thing in "Kidburg" a child receives a citizen's certificate, a work book and a few "raising" money. With all this he goes to choose a profession and study, and then he works and receives a salary. Earned money spends on entertainment or on the development of new professions - everyone decides for himself. Parents modestly observe from the side, and even at all receive 3-5 hours of free time - faster you children from "Kidburg" all the same do not pull out.

Prices in the Grand Canyon shopping and entertainment center in St. Petersburg: children from 1,5 to 4 years - 250 ₽;

children from 4 to 14 years old - 650 ₽ on weekdays and 890 ₽ at weekends;

accompanying over 14 years old - 300 ₽.

Where is: In St. Petersburg - in the Grand Canyon and Raduga. Another branch of Kydburg is in Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Voronezh and Vladivostok. Addresses and current prices, see the official website.

Aquapark "Golden Bay", Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Territory

Have you seen how the popes, on the pretext of "the best things for kids", buy radio-controlled models of airplanes? With the water park - the same story: on water attractions you will come off really and in 5 years, and at 45. Especially if it is a water park in Gelendzhik - one of the largest in Russia. Go down from the slides like "Kamikaze" are solved only by extremals (up to 16 years there are not allowed at all). Hills with inflatable circles, on the contrary, are the most popular. Ride them better in the morning, so as not to stand in lines.

Babies above 93 cm are waiting in the complexes "Akulenok" and "Moryachok" - this is something like children's playgrounds on the water with the depth of the pool up to 20 cm. With five years of possibilities, it is noticeably added: for example, you can take aboard "Pirate Ship". A decade is available to many adult entertainment.

Prices: visitors up to 106 cm in height - free of charge;

guests with a height of 106-145 cm - 900 ₽;

Visitors above 145 cm - 1 700 ₽.

Where is: Gelendzhik. How to get to the water park "Golden Bay".

Sochi Park

In 2014, an amusement park opened in Sochi, not inferior to Disneyland. "Sochi Park" is designed for Russian fairy tales: the attraction "Firebird" throws the height of the 25-storey house, the Snake Gorynych guards the entrance to the roller coaster, you can ride a flying ship and climb the head of the hero from Ruslan and Lyudmila. With the folklore, the miracles of progress are side by side. Fearless parents fly on the extreme hill "Quantum Leap", then together with the children they twist the pen to get a mini tornado. There is even an "Experimentanium" - like everything else, it is included in the price of the ticket.

A good idea is to live in a castle hotel in Sochi Park or in another hotel in Imeretinskaya Bay: one day in a fairy tale, children probably will not be enough.

Prices: children under 5 years - free of charge;

children from 5 to 12 years old - 1 600 ₽;

adults - 1 980 ₽.

When you buy on the site - 10% discount.

Where is: Adler district of Sochi. How to get to Sochi Park.