The Bolshoi Theatre for Students

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Theatre for Students

All full-time students who study at Russian Universities (including international and exchange students) have an opportunity to visit the Bolshoi Theatre for just 100 rubles. It is very important to have a student ID card.

How to visit:

1.      Tickets are sold at the box office on the left side of the theatre on the day of the performance. For the Historic stage there are 84 tickets available, and for the New stage there are 30.

2.      For morning performances the box office opens at 10:00.

For afternoon performances at 12:00.

For evening performances at 16:00.
HOWEVER: It is necessary to come one hour early (or two hours early for a premiere). There will be a list, which is just a piece of paper where you should write your name and make a mental note of your number in the queue. Someone near the box office will have this list (you should ask), or it will be inside.

3.      Then you can go for a walk, but come back to the box office at the opening time (10:00/12:00/16:00). The queue will be formed according to the list. You show your student ID and pay for the ticket.

4.      The ticket allows you to watch the performance from the last floor. It is standing room only for the Historic stage, while the New stage also has seats.

5.      Enjoy the performance!

Viktoria Kuthina