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Safety in Russia
Precautionary measures that ensure a safe stay in Russian territory are not much different from those generally accepted in most countries.

Prudence and caution are the main ways to avoid trouble. But it is worthwhile to examine some of aspects in greater detail.


Even if you have high confidence in the integrity of your hotel’s staff, you should not leave documents, money, expensive jewelry, phones, or cameras in plain sight and easily accessed. It’s not that every single hotel employee is waiting to snatch your belongings, but all people are different and it is not worthwhile to rely on the proverbial Russian avos’ (happy-go-lucky attitude) just because you're staying in Russia. Believe us, it is not the most reliable guarantee.

Travel with kids
The main rule of family travel - children should be fun. Then the parents will be able to relax. Skyscanner advises where to ride a camel, get acquainted with Baba Yaga, learn how to make a tornado, live in a castle, see little bisons and do other interesting things.

Visiting an Orthodox Church In Russia
Throughout the history of mankind people went to wander around the world, traveled through cities and villages. And all these movements had different reasons, proceeded from different motivations and pursued different goals. Let's call the main "tasks" of all travel: conquest and development of new lands; knowledge of the world, other cultures and civilizations. Later: treatment and rest.
The Bolshoi Theatre for Students

All full-time students who study at Russian Universities (including international and exchange students) have an opportunity to visit the Bolshoi Theatre for just 100 rubles. It is very important to have a student ID card.