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Jewelry from russia

Almost all diamonds produced in Russia today are mined in Yakutsk soil, in the Sakha Republic. Diamond mining company Alrosa is the second largest in the world.

Jewelry Yakut diamonds are clean, with either a slight brownish or yellowish hue, or else completely transparent. They undergo treatment in factories located in Yakutia, Smolensk and Moscow; you can buy them in factory shops and jewelry stores across the country.

When buying diamond jewelry, pay attention to two main characteristics of the stones: defects and cleanliness. On the other hand, the rules of diamond selection are the same all over the world; it makes no sense to explain them in detail.

Important note - all diamond jewelry from one carat on up must be accompanied by a gemological certificate. You are required to keep the receipt, it will be necessary to take the jewels out of the country.

You can take diamond jewelry out of the country for an amount of up to 10 thousand USD.

If you take other items made from precious metals with you in addition to diamond jewelry, remember that their total amount should not exceed 10 thousand USD!