Tags: balalaika, souvenirs

Why would a tourist need a balalaika? What is he/she supposed to do with it? Well, for the same reason as for many other souvenirs - as a memento.  
Balalaikas in souvenir shops are beautifully painted, and even if you are never going to use it for its intended purpose, it will certainly be an adornment to your collection of souvenirs and can become a bright and original element in any decor.

Ball-jointed doll enthusiasts may find a source of inspiration in a miniature balalaika. By the way, if you want a good gift for a musician who plays stringed instruments, this souvenir will be suitable for the occasion. But in this case it is better to skip souvenir stores and go directly to a big musical instrument shop and make the purchase there. Truth is, the price of such a balalaika will be many times higher in any souvenir shop.

So much for balalaikas. What is next on our list? Of course, matryoshka.