Apple Feast Day

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russian Apple Day

Summer for Russians is not only the time of warm weather, sun and vacations. Summer is also the time when Russians celebrate some important religious holidays. In August orthodox Christians observe the Dormition fast, which starts after the Savior of the Honey Feast Day on August 14 and ends with the Savior of the Nut or Bread Feast Day on August 29. The most significant holiday of this period is the Transfiguration of Jesus.

People often call it the Savior of the Apple Feast Day (on August 19). In the old days people believed that eating apples before the holiday was a sin. They thought that dead children got paradise apples as gifts in the other world, so parents who had lost their children took this seriously.

For hundreds of years and through to the present day thousands of believers bring apples and other fruit to Churches on the Savior of the Apple Feast Day, as this holiday is a celebration of harvest. People share blessed fruit with their friends and family and wish for good health for each other. If you make a wish and eat a blessed apple, your dreams will come true. “When you eat the first apple, all you think about will come true, and all that has come true can’t be escaped”. Housewives cook delicious apple pies, brewed jam and comfits.

Ancestors believed that the nature changed on that day and started preparations for the fall season. People started waiting for the winter and celebrated it with songs and khorovods. They paid particular attention to the weather conditions on that day, because they thought that it could help them predict the weather for January. There is a common belief that after the Savior of the Apple Feast Day it is the right time to prepare mittens for the winter.