Victory Day

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Immortal Regiment

Meanwhile, Victory Day on May 9 is one of the most celebrated and important holidays in the country. This holiday commemorates the victory of the Russian forces over fascism. In Europe this holiday is celebrated on May 8. It is a huge holiday in Russia. In almost every family there was someone who perished in the Second World War, which is why it is first of all a day of remembrance. People organize mass demonstrations, for example, the “Immortal Regiment” march, during which instead of placards and banners they carry the portraits of their relatives killed in action, or veterans.

But the most impressive and unforgettable spectacle is the Victory Day Parade, which is a demonstration of power and the might of Russian military equipment. Many leaders of friendly states come to Moscow to attend the parade. The parade will be a remarkable experience, it is worth seeing it with your own eyes! Although it is difficult to access the Red Square on this day, you will be able to enjoy the show in the streets, where columns of military vehicles and soldiers pass, both before and after the parade. You will be able to see military airplanes from almost any point. Many people come to Moscow to see the Victory Day parade and join the “Immortal Regiment” march.

 Festivities take place in every city in Russia. Celebrations in Volgograd (formerly known as Stalingrad) and St. Petersburg are notorious for their bitter beauty. Volgograd was almost leveled to the ground during the war, and St. Petersburg suffered a blockade that lasted 872 days.

The Volgograd memorial complex Mamaev Kurgan, crowned with the statute of the Motherland, was the place of ferocious battles for Stalingrad. Its collective grave contains the remains of the defenders of the city, totaling over 35 thousand people. A visit to Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetery is a difficult experience for sensitive people (and for others as well), but it will help you more than anything else to understand the reverent attitude of Russians towards this May holiday. 
At night on May 9, fireworks take place in every city in Russia. They are particularly impressive in Moscow. People watch them from squares, embankments and bridges.