So different and yet making up a perfect picture – this is about spring feasts in Russia. Whether it's Easter or Victory Day or something else, the holiday will be bright and merry!

International Women's Day

March 8 - International Women's Day. Like the Defender of the Fatherland Day in Russia this holiday is not celebrated as the Day of Solidarity for Women Struggling for Gender Equality.

Day of Laughter
April 1 – the Day of Laughter. This is not observed officially, but festivities still take place. There are special programs with clowns in Circuses. You can expect pranks from your family, friends and colleagues on this day.
International Day of Human Space Flight
April 12 – the International Day of Human Space Flight (the holiday received its official name in 2011). On this day the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin made his flight around Earth in 1961.  Festivities are held (but not at on a large scale). The Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow can be visited for free.

Easter. Even those who are far from being religious and spiritual rejoice and congratulate each other on this day with the greeting “Christ is Risen!”, to which one should answer “Truly He is Risen!”. Orthodox Christians do not have the tradition of hiding and hunting for Easter eggs in Russia, instead, people paint them, each in their own fashion. Sometimes children are involved in this exciting process. After that, eggs along with traditional Easter cakes are taken to church to be blessed. Eggs and cakes are blessed on the holiday’s eve, before the festive night service. The holiday service begins at 11 pm. At midnight, the congregation goes out to participate in the cross procession around the temple. Holy banners and ripidias, sparkling in the lamp light, hundreds of people with candles, flickering in the wind…it is an unforgettable sight. Holiday services are beautiful too: change of vestments from white to scarlet and singing choirs are a real feast for your eyes and ears. But most of the celebrants (those who are not parishioners) come only to join the procession. Public transportation systems are available until late on this day.

Holiday of Spring and Labor
May 1 – the Holiday of Spring and Labor. In the USSR, the Day of the International Solidarity of Working People was one of the most celebrated and important holidays, and crowded demonstrations were held. The holiday had a revolutionary connotation. In modern Russia May 1 for most people is just another reason to rest and relax. Those who have dachas use the non-working days for high-powered work on their parcels of land, planting vegetables and berry bushes. If there are those who do observe the Holiday of Labor, it is definitely them. Moreover, it is the word “Labor”, and not “Holiday”, that should start with the capital letter. 
Victory Day

Meanwhile, Victory Day on May 9 is one of the most celebrated and important holidays in the country. This holiday commemorates the victory of the Russian forces over fascism. In Europe this holiday is celebrated on May 8. It is a huge holiday in Russia. In almost every family there was someone who perished in the Second World War, which is why it is first of all a day of remembrance. People organize mass demonstrations, for example, the “Immortal Regiment” march, during which instead of placards and banners they carry the portraits of their relatives killed in action, or veterans.