Russian Holidays

Russian people love celebrating, and they know how to do it! They always have fun in a big way and to their heart's content. If you buy a tear-off calendar in Russia, you will notice that almost every day one holiday or another is celebrated. And this is true – in our country there are a lot of holidays dedicated to specific important dates, occupations or events. For its part, the government does all it can to let people celebrate comfortably and joyfully. City streets are decorated with flags and lights, concerts (often with free access) are organized, fairs are set up, and the night sky is lit up with fireworks. So, if you see flags on city buildings, you can be sure that some holiday or another is being celebrated today or tomorrow.

Russians in general love to have feasts and street parties at every opportunity. Russia is one of the few countries where people celebrate not only their own holidays, but foreign holidays as well.
Those who love to have fun definitely can travel to Russia on the eve of the most beloved and celebrated holidays. You should note, however, that hotels and intercity transport services (trains and airplanes) should be booked well beforehand if you are planning to travel between cities. Hotel prices are always a bit higher during the holidays.

Most people celebrate only secular holidays; but there are a few important Christian holidays that are observed by everybody, regardless of their level of religious devotion.

Professional holidays are celebrated separately, more humbly and among the representatives of the profession. Usually they throw office parties or celebrate in restaurants.

Moreover, every city in Russia celebrates its birthday. Such holiday is called City Day, and it is always a remarkable and colorful event. Fairs are opened, artists and activities organizers entertain children and grown-ups, the city is decorated with flags and lights, concerts with free admission always take place downtown, and the holiday culminates in festive fireworks.

More often than not this is a bit of a floating date which always falls on a weekend. People often choose to celebrate it in late spring, summer or early fall - that is, while it is warm - to let the residents and visitors have fun comfortably. Moscow City Day is celebrated on the first weekend of autumn, in St. Petersburg – in late May, when “white nights” begin, in Suzdal it is the first Saturday of August.

Russians will celebrate 91 official holidays in 2017!

All these holidays (plus birthdays, name days, christenings, anniversaries, weddings and divorces, religious and all other holidays) are celebrated by Russians year after year. They will not grow tired, because, as mentioned above, they like to celebrate and know how to do it, with lots of fun and to their heart’s content. And if they have a headaсhe in the morning sometimes – it is just life’s little nothing, right?

Come to Russia on holidays, feel our joy, kindness and big heartedness!