Russian Cuisine

When it comes to Russian cuisine, there are certain things that come to mind: bliny (pancakes), borsch and caviar. And it might be puzzling to learn that borsch is actually a Ukrainian national dish, although it is no less popular in Russia.

Russia is a multiethnic state, representing more than 150 nationalities and ethnic groups, each of them with their own ethnic cuisine. Some of these cultures have preserved more, others – less, but at least a couple of recipes has survived from each culture.

Russian cuisine is an incredible blend of recipes and preferences. Some pieces have been borrowed from one ethnic group, other pieces from another; a single thread from everyone - and you get …dinner for a Russian. Obviously, the epoch of total globalization has left its marks on Russian cuisine. So, on the traditionally generous table you can find both sushi rolls and bliny, carry and kholodets. You don’t know what kholodets is? Well, dear readers, it’s a dish of such originality, that… But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.