Coastal areas cuisine

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The cuisines of different ethnic groups that live in coastal areas or along lakes and rivers, include a vast number of fish dishes.

Baikal cuisine will let you enjoy salted or smoked Baikal cisco, a dish that you will not try in anywhere else. The ciscoes are the true symbol of Baikal, and are well-known far beyond Russia. The species is unique to Baikal, and came from the Arctic Ocean during an interglacial period. It is an incredibly tasty fish, and its consumption has beneficial effects on health.

There is a legend told by local fishermen that says it is possible to cure almost any disease with its flesh. In addition, Lake Baikal will let you enjoy a plate of unparalleled ukha, fish roasted on poles and dishes with pickled young fern fronds. In the Arkhangelsk Oblast they prepare absolutely stunning kulebyakas (pies) filled with several varieties of fish, delicious ukha and traditional gingerbread-kozuli for New Year’s Eve.

In Astrakhan, you can taste balyk from sturgeon, catfish and asp, or buy black caviar. You can go to the local market to buy different kinds of smoked fish and eat dried roach to your heart’s content at a local restaurant.