Buryat cuisine

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Buryat cuisine

Now, a little bit of Buryat cuisine. And its most famous dish: Buryat buuzy (posy).

Buuzy are little sacks of dough filled with lots of meat (most often, with lamb meat with some pork or lamb fat and onions). The edges of the sacks are folded, not crimped. There is a variant of buuzy with a hole in the center (“lazy” buuzy). Buuzy are eaten with the hands as an individual dish, washed them down with a “nomad’s tea” – pressed green tea that is boiled (not brewed, just boiled) and enhanced with salt, some flour, milk and butter. Nowadays, it has become common to eat buuzy with ketchup, soy sauce or mustard.

But this practice is inconsistent with traditions. In Buryatia this dish is very famous and popular, there are even buuzy eating competitions: speed eating and eating for quantity.