Skopino ceramic products

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Skopino ceramic products – These products are a type of folk handicraft, consisting of traditional pottery manufacturing. The emergence of this craft dates back to 1440s. Large production began later, in the 19th century. It was created by the Ovodov brothers. It was used to manufacture crockery of amazing beauty, bricks, tiles, and other household items, and construction supplies. Like in many other industries, the company was nationalized after the revolution. After a short break in 1934, production was resumed.

In the 21st century, CJSC "Skopinskaya Artistical Ceramic Products" still manufactures crockery, vases, pots, and souvenirs (mostly animal figurines, magnets and moneyboxes).

The products are made from carefully prepared material from clay shaped in various ways - by hand molding, on a potter's wheel, cast, and other means. The products are tempered two or three times before and after the glazing, and porcelain products are often tempered a third time.

Skopino masters use blue colors with different gradations obtained by using a copper oxide (green), manganese (brown), iron (yellow color) and cobalt (blue).

The products are characterized by an abundance of details, elegance and complexity of the silhouettes of their work. Animal motifs, both real and fantasy, are widely used.

The city of Skopino is located in the Ryazan Oblast. Guided factory tours and visits to the Museum of the History of the Artisanry are available, including a potter’s wheel demonstration. A workshop is available.