Kuznetsovsky porcelain

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tea-set from Russia

Some products from the Kuznetsovsky porcelain factory, built by Kuznetsov in the village of Dulyovo in 1832, are today recognized as antiques. The enterprise has gone through many ups and downs. The factory used to produce majolica, faience, and porcelain. The products varied from toilet bowls and telegraph insulators to highly artistic crockery sets.

Kuznetsovsky porcelain is a brand famous not only in Russia, but all over the world.

Today, the factory continues to manufacture porcelain products, and they are true works of art from top to bottom, whether it is a thematic crockery set, mugs and dishes for the holidays and memorable dates, vases, or souvenirs. The factory is focused not on mass production, but on the creation of unique works of art, many of which exist only in as one of a kind pieces. All items are hand-painted. Its products obviously are not cheap, but believe us - they are worth the money.

Take a piece of Russian history. Let the reminder of your journey to Russia be delicate, fragile and very, very beautiful.