Khludnevo toy

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Souvenirs from kaluga

This artisanry was born in the village of Khludnevo in the first half of the 19th century. Most often, it was a family manufacturer, and, like in Dymkovo, only women were involved in the making of toys. Men manufactured crockery and other household items. 

The toys consist of several parts and represent multi-figure compositions, characterized by rough moulding and exquisite naivety. The painting is quite simple, dominated by undulating, horizontal and vertical lines, pagan signs of sun, sky, and life. Not the entire toy but only its individual parts are painted, like the ears, tails, birds’ wings, and elements of the garments.


The toys are painted with bright aniline dyes, dominated by red, green, yellow, and maroon.

The village Khludnevo is located in the Duminichi district of the Kaluga Oblast.