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Museum of crystal

Gus-Khrustalny – The “crystal factory” started the production of crystal as early as the eighteenth century, in 1756. It was built by merchant Akim Maltsov on the Goose River. It was under his son, Ivan, that the factory’s popularity reached its peak.

Today, "the Gusevskoy Crystal Factory" maintains its status of artistic production.

The factory manufactures products of the highest quality. Crystal products are striking in their beauty and multicolored play of light on their surfaces; they are durable and have a unique musical jingle. Gus crystal is known all over the world, and in every Russian home there is surely at least one of its products.

The factory manufactures tableware items (glasses, cups, decorative bottles, etc.), vases, and souvenirs. In addition to mass produced items, there is the opportunity to buy unique original works.

Products are made from both simple and Surface (colored) glass and crystal. Gold and silver decoration is used.

Gusev glassblowers’ imagination and skills allow them to create completely incredible, elegant and beautiful items.

The town of Gus-Khrustalny is situated in the Vladimir Oblast. Factory and museum tours are available. The factory shop and numerous street vendors (usually, factory workers) offer amazing souvenirs. The products must have the certificate!

There are other crystal factories in Russia besides Gus-Khrustalny - Dyatkovo Crystal Factory, opened in 1790 in the Bryansk Oblast (city Dyatkovo) by the widow of Akim Maltsov, Maria Maltsova, and Pervomajskij glass factory founded by merchant Magidson in 1879 in the town of Pervomayskiy of the Smolensk Oblast. Their products are also recognized as a standard for folk arts and crafts.