Dymkovo toy

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Dymkovo artisanry has existed for more than four centuries now. It emerged in the village of Dymkovo near the city of Viatka, which was later renamed after Kirov (now it is the territory of the city of Kirov). Toy manufacturing traditions were passed down through generations strictly from mothers to daughters, which gradually led to the emergence of entire dynasties of craftswomen. Their products were largely characterized by original ornaments, proportions, and colors. Dymkovo toys are among the most famous Russian folk art items.


The process of toy making has remained unchanged to this day. The toy is molded manually from red clay, dried and tempered, then whitewashed with tempera white. The toy is manually painted with tempera paints and gilt. The products are incredibly bright, dominated by red, green, blue, and yellow colors.

The most common themes have also remained unchanged - nannies with children, clowns, ladies, young men, dapple horses, sheep with golden horns, and other animals, life scenes, sleighs, and baby carriages.

The organization "Folk Art Craft "Dymkovo Toy” is located in the city of Kirov, the administrative center of its oblast. It features a museum, workshops, guided tours, and offers an opportunity to purchase a souvenir at the factory store.