Dagestan Pottery - Balkhar

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pottery from dagestan

Since ancient times, the village of Balkhar has been known for its pottery. Ancient folk motifs are used in decoration, and only craftswomen are involved in the production. Special attention is given to crockery and small sculptural forms.

Balhar masters use 15 kinds of clay extracted nearby. The products are created in the technique of coiling clay strap. They are tempered in an ancient oven, traditionally rekindled with pressed dung and firewood. The product is painted directly on the slowly rotating potter's wheel, and its pattern is not designed in advance, but emerges during the process. Consequently, all products are unique with a great variety of ornaments. The painting is done with a solution of white, yellow and red clay. Simple elements are predominant, including dots, wavy lines, stripes, circles, and spiral strokes.

The village of Balkhar is located in the Akusha District of Daguestan.