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Forged trays

Zhostovo – Zhostovo artisanry consists of artistic painting of metal trays. It emerged in the Urals two hundred years ago. The production of trays began in Zhostovo, Novoseltsevo and other villages near Moscow only in the second half of the 19th century. Nowadays, production is based in Nizhny Tagil and near Moscow, in the village of Zhostovo. The trays are manufactured from iron sheets. They come in different forms: octagonal, oval, rectangular…. the forged products are primed and covered with a ground coat, they are then polished and varnished and finally painted with oil paints.

The most common background color is black, though sometimes it can be blue, green, silver or red.

The most common motif of the paintings have long been bunches of a few large flowers (usually roses, dahlias, tulips, sometimes pansies or bindweed) framed by smaller flowers decorated with a golden pattern. A few trays depict scenes from peasant or merchant life and holiday celebrations.

The most convenient and accessible (if your itinerary does not include the city of Nizhny Tagil, of course) is the Zhostovo factory of decorative painting, located in the Mytishchi district, the Moscow Oblast, in the village of Zhostovo. You can book a guided tour and buy a souvenir, very beautiful and useful at home.