Semenovo Painting

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Souvenir toy

Semenovo Painting. Everyone is familiar with Russian Matryoshka, an eye catching, fun toy with a whole family hiding inside. The manufacturing and painting of this toy evolved in Semenovo early in the XX century. Today the whole factory of "Semenovskaya Painting" is involved in this handicraft. First Semyonovo Matryoshka was not a red-cheeked girl, but a handsome little muzhik - bald, round-faced, and whiskered. The little muzhik was made by a wood turner, Averyan Vagyn, from the village of Merinovo. The style of painting of matryoshkas, still in use today, evolved later.

Bright aniline pigments of red, blue and yellow colors are used. The finished painting is colored with varnish. A Semenovo Matryoshka necessarily has a flowered apron, a bright scarf or shawl on her head, a skirt, and puffed sleeves. Semenovo Matryoshkas are high occupancy toys. There can be up to twenty (or even more) smaller dolls inside. It was in Semenovo where the biggest Matryoshka was created - a set of 72 pieces of painted beautiful girls!