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lacquer miniature

Palekh painting dates back to the 16th century. Palekh was initially famous for its icon painting art. After the revolution icons somewhat fell into disuse, and the artisanry switched to painting on wood, very similar to the art used to paint icons. The hand painting of papier-mache jewel boxes in Palekh started a little later.

Palekh lacquer miniature is painted on papier-mache by tempera, a traditional technique for icon painting. The proportions of the figures are elongated, images are thin and smooth. The main painting colors are red, green and yellow on a black or very dark background. Another feature of the painting is the abundance of gold and gold colored shading.

Nowadays, you can buy items such as jewel boxes, boxes, icons, and dishes. You can order almost any decorative and household Palekh painted items. Alas, the completion of such work takes time; it takes more than a day or even more than a week.

Palekh products are within the reach of small budgets. They are a beautiful and a very Russian souvenir.

The village of Palekh is located in the Ivanovo Oblast.