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Russian antiquities

he history of the lacquer painting in the village of Kholui closely resembles the story of Mstera and Palekh. Since ancient times, the village was a center of icon painting, but after the 1917 revolution, its craftsmen had to find a new use for their talents.

Kholui is home to lacquer painting on papier-mache since 1934. Kholui painting borrowed a lot from Fedoskino, including realistic images and the softness of the painting.

But there are some distinctive features of Kholui painting. The background can be black, bright red, cherry, or emerald green. It is painted with tempera paints, and diluted in an egg emulsion, using an ancient method of plav’ (liquid drawing with a thin layer of paint, applied over all elements of the composition). Design patterns are widely used.

The miniatures’ themes are different - there are heroic themes, landscapes, still life paintings, scenes of folk tales and novels.

Each product is accompanied by a certificate!

The village of Kholui is located in the Yuzhsky District of the Ivanovo Oblast. Currently, the enterprise is called "Kholuy Factory of Lacquer Miniatures". The factory has a shop and offers workshops and guided tours.

The jewel boxes can be bought not only in the cities where the workshops and the production itself are located, but also in virtually every souvenir shop in the country. In Moscow, for example, those stores are concentrated in the famous pedestrian street Old Arbat. However, the factories and the factory shops offer a wider product range at a slightly lower price.

A jewel box decorated with lacquer miniature is something you can’t just pass by without noticing. Don’t even try to resist the temptation - treat yourself with a piece of a Russian fairy tale!