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Rostov enamel

Rostov Finift Finift is the name for artistic enamel. The handicraft in Rostov is more than two hundred years old. It has been developing since the late 18th century. Despite all the problems that the enterprise had to go through in the post-revolutionary period and during perestroika, it maintains its traditions to this day.

The factory produces not only painted enamel, but also cloisonne enamel, which gives the product its special, fascinating brilliance.

The technique of enamel production is complex and requires painstaking work. First, a piece of a certain shape is cut from a copper sheet and is covered with white and transparent milled enamel on both sides. It is primed, then tempered in an oven. The painting is subsequently done in several stages. Such a method of painting gives the colors of the finished articles their transparency, depth and glow. After the painting the product is tempered again. The factory also manufactures filigree miniatures with wire lacework.

The factory manufactures dishes, icon-settings, jewelry, and souvenirs. Customized products can be ordered.

Make your day with a beautiful and unusual decoration. Bring your loved ones a nice gift!

Rostov Finift is located in the city of Rostov. You can buy its products either in the factory shop or in the city’s store. Guided factory tours and workshops are available as well.

When there are so many things to choose from, the chances to take home a special gift or souvenir increase many times over! Will your souvenir be a delicate locket made of cast iron, a reindeer figurine of walrus tusk, or elegant earrings, decorated with cloisonne enamel - you decide. The choice is yours!