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Vologda enamel

Fedoskino - This artisan center dates back more than two hundred years, with its founding traditionally tied to 1795. What’s unique, is that the factory in the village of Danilkino was organized by a merchant, Korobov, and was dedicated to the production of lacquered visors for military headgear. They switched to the production and painting of papier-mache jewel-boxes just three years later, as the demand for snuffboxes soared (snuffing tobacco had just come into vogue). Korobov refused to settle with just gluing pictures on his snuffboxes and hired some craftsmen at Shtobswasser’s factory in Braunschweig, Germany, to create original images for his products. 

Korobov passed his factory on to his son-in-law, who acted with exceptional responsibility, and hired miniature painters for painting products. Its product range was significantly expanded; in addition to snuffboxes the factory started the production of tea boxes, jewel boxes, pencil cases, pens, easels and many other things for the household.

Alas, scientific and technical progress had an impact on the development of the factory. In the early twentieth century the factory actually closed, unable to compete with photographic images, but after a short time it was opened again - they decided to restart the factory and preserve its artisanry.

Fedoskino factory of lacquer miniature still exists today, and the production process is as time-consuming as it used to be, because the painting of just one small box takes months of painstaking manual labor!
The work on a lacquered miniature is carried out with oils in four stages. In the beginning a sketch is made. It is complemented by new details, followed by treatment and modeling of the picture with transparent colors. Then, light colors are applied over it to create highlights on the objects (so-called blikovka).

The distinctive feature of Fedoskino lacquered miniatures is a pearlescent background. The finished product is signed and dated by the master (on the inside), and then is coated with ten layers of laquer and polished to a shine.

One of the features of Fedoskino miniatures is the application of some light-reflective substances - such as gold leaf or bronze powder - on the painted surface to create depth and glow effects.

Fedoskino miniatures are characterized by maximum realism. The products are manufactured in limited quantities. The paintings’ main themes are the same as before - scenes of peasant life, fairy tales, the world-famous troika, landscapes, reproductions of famous paintings, and portraits of historical figures. In addition to boxes the factory manufactures pens and icons. You can order an item with your own portrait or picture, but remember - it is a lengthy process, and the price will increase significantly. All products are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Taking into account the manufacturing process, materials, and its uniqueness, it is important to understand that the Fedoskino artisan products are not cheap! If you are offered a product at a suspiciously low price somewhere – just don’t buy it.

The village of Fedoskino is located in the Mytishy District in the Moscow Oblast. The factory has a store and offers guided tours and workshops.