Wooden Tableware

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Yakut chorons
Wooden Tableware - Tableware manufacturing technology by woodturning has been known in Russia since the 12th century. By the 16th to 18th centuries the handicraft had become one of the most popular and in-demand in Russia. The product range included cups, glasses, bratinas (a spherical vessel to serve drinks at the table), saucers, and other items. The techniques and traditions vary so much, that there is only space to talk about the most popular variations.
Yakut chorons (ornamented vessels for dairy products, such as kumis) – is a necessary item in almost every Yakut household. Previously, these were only made of wood (mostly - birch). Now clay chorons are more common, but wooden ones still can be bought. They are manufactured in the Republic of Sakha, but can be bought in stores selling ethnic souvenirs, along with dolls "AYTALYY KUO" and musical instruments like the Yakut khomus.
Nowadays tableware manufactured in the village of Semino is very popular (traditional peasant buckets and bowls), as well as Khokhloma painted wooden tableware, and even furniture - refined, intricately crafted and decorated with handles and lids. There are spoons and ladles of Tver, Arkhangelsk and Novgorod craftsmen, not to mention Gorodets masters, who paint world famous ornaments and motifs on trays, boxes and dishes.

It is worth having a closer look at the painting on wood.