Kasli casting

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Ballerinas kasli

This is a folk craft which consists of the manufacturing of architectural elements and decorative items of cast iron. Kasli is a case where a factory is not built in a town, but a town is built around a factory. Kasli cast iron factory was built in 1747 on the Kaslinsky Istok (the river of Kurgulak in the Southern Urals). The village for the workers was built in those times.

The work of Kasli craftsmen is marked by subtlety and elegance with clearly a defined silhouette and the play of light and shading. It represents a skillful combination of carefully finished elements - even in a simple garden bench, not to mention statues, business card holders, dishes, boxes, and jewel boxes. When you look at these boxes, you get the false impression that they are made of lace, not of such a mundane and heavy material as cast iron.

Kasli cast iron factory is located in the Chelyabinsk Oblast, in the town of Kasli. The factory has a website and a factory store.