Other Handicraft

Handicraft and folk art traditions are deeply rooted in Russian history, their diversity serving as a proof of how talented and infinitely creative Russians are.

Kasli casting

This is a folk craft which consists of the manufacturing of architectural elements and decorative items of cast iron. Kasli is a case where a factory is not built in a town, but a town is built around a factory. Kasli cast iron factory was built in 1747 on the Kaslinsky Istok (the river of Kurgulak in the Southern Urals). The village for the workers was built in those times.

Colored gemstone

The history of stone carving handicraft begins in the 11th to 12th centuries. In those days colored stone products of unparalleled beauty and artistic forms were already being created.

The products are made from hard stones (jasper, rhodonite, chalcedony, jade, malachite, etc...), medium soft stone (such as marble, onyx and porphyry) and soft stones (e.g. gypsum, serpentine, calcite and selenite).

Artistic carving of animal bones

Artistic carving of animal bones - one of the oldest art forms, practiced since prehistoric times.
In Russia, there are various centers involved in the artistic carving of animal bones.

The oldest of them is located in the Chukchi village of Uelen in the Chukotka Autonomous District. Despite the fact that the center of the development of handicrafts "Uelen Bone Carving Workshop" itself was created only in 1931, the Chukchi and the Eskimos have been carving bones and walrus tusks almost since the moment of their emergence. Thus, the handicraft is as old as those Peoples, it is incredibly ancient.

Wooden Tableware
Wooden Tableware - Tableware manufacturing technology by woodturning has been known in Russia since the 12th century. By the 16th to 18th centuries the handicraft had become one of the most popular and in-demand in Russia. The product range included cups, glasses, bratinas (a spherical vessel to serve drinks at the table), saucers, and other items. The techniques and traditions vary so much, that there is only space to talk about the most popular variations.