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The Old Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is one of the oldest circuses in Russia. A hundred-odd years ago, in 1880, this building on Tsvetnoy Boulevard was built for the circus of Albert Salamon's merchant merchant Danilov. They say that the first ruble earned for the ticket, Salamonsky put in a frame and hung in the checkout. When, on October 20, 1880, the circus received the first spectators, there were five rows of armchairs, lodges, a mezzanine, second seats with wooden unnumbered benches and a standing gallery. Then the building was repeatedly adjusted and completed, but its entire long century served as a circus.
Ballet is a national pride of Russia and a "visiting card" of Russian culture. Originating in France and Italy, it was here that he found a "second home". It was in Russia that the classical ballet traditions were preserved and developed, so that they could be presented to the whole world again.
Igor Moiseyev Ballet

The Igor Moiseyev State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble is the first and only professional choreographic team in the world engaged in artistic interpretation and promotion of folk dance folklore.