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Jumble Markets in Russia

Jumble Markets will delight you with interesting and rich treasures. As with elsewhere in the world, these markets appeared in Russia during not-so-good times for the country and its citizens. The first jumble market was opened by order of the Governor-General Rostopchin at the Sukharev Tower, after the War of 1812. Abandoned items left in the abandoned burnt down city were sold there. Those who returned tried to find their belongings, sometimes in vain.

According to the decree, an item belonged to the individual who possessed it at that moment. Sometimes the only way to get it back was to buy it again at the jumble market. Nowadays jumble markets - spontaneous or organized - exist in almost every city in the country.

Most jumble market sellers in large cities are professionals. They will certainly tell you an interesting story behind the little things you buy and give you an opportunity to bargain reasonably. Occasionally, however, the owner will be selling his or her things directly.

A jumble market is an excellent opportunity to purchase something original and memorable for yourself or as a gift.
The main jumble market in Russia is located in St. Petersburg, at the railway station Ydelnaya. Udelka is a real source of rare and unusual things! Icons, samovars, vintage perfume bottles and medicines, jewel boxes, paintings, decorations, and especially interior design items. Even somewhat less rare and less valuable trinkets will certainly catch your attention. Remember - if you do not want to miss your chance, visit the market early. The morning is a great time to hunt for treasures.

The two most popular jumble markets in Moscow are Levsha, located near the train station Novopodrezkovo, and Izmailovo, located on the grounds of the Izmailovsky vernissage. Izmailovo is more expensive, it features selected goods, and the sellers are professionals. Levsha also gives you an opportunity to buy nice items on the cheap, but you will have to search for it first. Most sellers are amateurs, although you may find professional antique dealers. If your aim is to buy something truly rare and valuable, you need to go to the market very early. After 10 AM you will not find anything like this.

Don’t forget to drop by the market in Muzeon park. It will delight you with an abundance of hand-made jewelry, figurines, and vintage clothing. It is open only on Saturdays. At the site of the once famous market in Tishinskaya Square there is now an Exhibition and Trade Complex (ETC). Nevertheless, the exhibition A Jumble Market is held once a year in its premises. You can check the dates and schedule of the exhibition on the web-site of the ETC Tishinka.
The location of jumble markets in other cities of your interest can be found on the internet, provided by local residents, or by our specialists.