Vologda laces deservingly

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Sights of Vologda

Vologda laces deservingly earned their fame. The history of lace making in the Vologda Oblast dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries, but it crystalized as a handicraft only by the first half of the 19th century.

The Vologda lace is woven on pine or juniper bobbins. To create the lace, you also need a skolok (a special pattern created by stippling) with an ornament and a pad-roll.  Bleached or raw linen is used as the material. Earlier, in the 17th century, the craftswomen were engaged in lace making from gold and silver threads, but this segment did not develop.

Vologda laces are multipiece, which means that the lace consists of several elements: the basic pattern is executed with long thick linen tape of a consistent width. This is continuous and forms the main motifs or decorative elements, and the design is knitted together with a "bars and stripes" crochet pattern.

Vologda lace products are the fruits of many days of work from the craftswomen that put their hearts into them.

Currently, lace craft in Vologda is booming again. Talented lace makers’ hands create panels and necklaces, collars and frills, dresses and earrings with lace elements, table linen and towels, christening shirts, decorated with lace Christmas tree balls, lacy snowflakes and even Dream catchers!

The Vologda lace is characterized by the variety of designs: animalistic and vegetable, geometric and architectural ... In the Soviet era, lace makers even wove cranes and farm workers, and they certainly were the most original lace products in the world. The famous lace tablecloth "Snowflake" has become a true symbol of Vologda and gave its name to the factory. It holds the same name today.

Snowflake LLC is located in the city of Vologda, the administrative center of the Vologda Oblast. The company’s shop is located there . You can order products online. Guided tours to the factory are available.