Vladimir seams

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Vladimir seams

Mstera is famous not only for painted jewelry boxes, but also for its traditional "white" or "colored" damask stitch. The handicraft emerged a few centuries ago, in a monastery. In those times craftsmen mainly embroidered robes and other ritual objects. Silver and gold thread were used.

White damask stich is a type of convex embroidery made with white thread on batiste with tight stitches. Its patterns are mainly floral ornament, including roses, sometimes collected in bunches. "Colored" damask stich (also known as "Vladimir seams") – are also characterized by floral motifs and grids; the main color of such embroidery is red, although other colors are present.

The settlement is located, as mentioned above, in the Vladimir Oblast. It has a museum and hosts trade fairs of products decorated with traditional embroidery.