Elets lacework

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Elets lacework

Elets lacework is also deservingly famous. The lace craft emerged in the city of Elets in the 18th century.

Originally, lace makers borrowed their patterns from foreign craftswomen, but original designs were quickly created. They used not only flax, but a cotton "spider web" thread of different colors and thicknesses.

The Elets lace is woven on the bobbins, the technology is similar to that of Vologda, but the subtle multijugate Yelets lace is much thinner and more elegant. Its special feature is the gimp trimming around the basic elements and contours of the pattern.

The ornament is floral, animalistic and geometric. One of the characteristic patterns is a chain of diamonds with different shading, the so-called Yelets "Checkers".

Currently, the lace is manufactured by the “Elets Laces” folk arts and crafts factory. You can purchase both handmade and machine-made lace. But you should give preference to handmade products. Tippets and clothes, tablecloths and bed linen, christening shirts, wipes, dolls, jewelry, umbrellas, Christmas toys and even medical gowns decorated with lace - the choices are so varied!

The factory is located in the city of Elets in the Lipetsk Oblast. The factory has a brand shop.