Birch Bark Handicraft Items

Tags: souvenirs
Casket of birch bark

Birch bark is the outer layer of the trunk of a birch tree. This material has been used in Russia since ancient times to craft jars, baskets, crates and boxes. Nowadays you can even buy a bark magnet for your fridge, a pendant-amulet, jewel boxes, dishes, bread bins, salt-and-pepper shaker sets and much more. There is a wide range of beautifully carved products, which are not particularly overpriced. A birch bark souvenir is a very Russian and budget friendly gift.

Presently, old-style birch product manufacturers exit in Tomsk (Russian Tuesok (Jar), in the Republic of Bashkortostan (Ufa), and in other regions of our vast country. Shemogodskaya Birch Bark has gained popularity for its openwork floral ornaments.