Artistic Wickerwork

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Knitted souvenirs

Artistic Wickerwork has long been practiced in many cities and villages of Russia. For example, in Udmurtia alone, by the end of the XIX century more than five hundred people were involved in crafting wicker baskets, hats, and even furniture from osier. The handicraft is still alive in Udmurtia. You can visit the National Center of Arts and Crafts in the city of Izhevsk not only to learn firsthand about the production technology, but also to buy souvenirs.

The Krasnogorsk District of Udmurtia is famous for baskets and toy wickerwork from pine chips, so-called "wood lath" or "splinter".

The Centre "Vyatka” in Kirov is famous for preserving the traditions of wickerwork. The furniture factory "Corund" in Nagorsk still manufactures furniture from osier.