What does the Russian way of life actually mean? How does it feel to be a Russian?
No one can tell this better than Russians themselves.
And here we are, not only providing facts, but creating an authentic atmosphere you can sense from every corner of the world.
No more clichés and guessing – get an accurate and complete picture of how we Russians live and what we stand for.

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Russian soul, a mystery undisclosed

You will not grasp her with your mind

Or cover with a common label,

For Russia is one of a kind –

Believe in her, if you are able...

This is how Fyodor Tyutchev, a Russian 19th century poet, described his native land, or rather a way to understand the Russian mind.
Stereotypes about Russia have existed for as long as Russia itself
Some of them are outdated, others sound merely ridiculous. Still, they have never disappeared and, I’m afraid, aren’t ever going to.