People of Russia like to have a party of some kind, and numerous autumn holiday like Halloween or Unity Day offer a great opportunity for that. You're welcome to join us!

Day of Knowledge
September 1 – Day of Knowledge. On this days all school children and students go to their classes. Events are held on this occasion, and not only at a local (school or district) scale, but city-wide as well. Concerts are included, but festivities are focused on junior school children.
Teacher Day
October 5 – Teacher Day. This is not a non-working day even for teachers, but it is a good and tender holiday, celebrated in schools. Children stage performances for their teachers: they sing, dance and congratulate their beloved tutors. The winner of the “Teacher of the Year” title is announced on this day. The festive concert dedicated to Teacher Day takes place in the State Kremlin Palace. 
Halloween is celebrated on October 31 overnight into November 1. In English-speaking countries and in Europe this holiday is rooted in the traditions of the ancient Celts. In this tradition, it is the night before The Feast of All Saints. But in Russia this holiday – only a small part of its features – have been adopted essentially by young people, primarily as another occasion to have fun and let their imaginations run wild. There are no children in costumes, going from house to house and asking for treats. The whole celebration boils down to this: all nightclubs throw large-scale parties with people dressed up in monster costumes, with rock-music concerts (heavy metal and death metal are especially welcome) and with “bloody” menus.
Unity Day

November 4 - Unity Day. Another mysterious holiday for most Russians. It replaced the holiday commemorating the anniversary of the Great October Revolution, which was observed in the USSR on November 7. And, if everything was clear with the Revolution, this new holiday makes people scratch their heads in perplexity. The fact is, the holiday was declared to commemorate the liberation of Moscow from Polish invaders by the militia troops led by Prince Dmitry Pozharsky and Kuzma Minin. But for most Russians it is just a “non-working day in November”. In other words, very few people know what exactly is celebrated, but they just need to celebrate something in November, otherwise it will be difficult to hold out till New Year’s Eve. There are routine festivities taking place in parks and squares, but they are nothing special.

Constitution Day

December 12 – Constitution Day is celebrated more or less the same way as November 4. Only everyone knows the reason for the celebration. After that, you have nothing to do but to wait for December 31 and New Year’s Eve.