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The gifts of the forest

In no other country, perhaps, are more mushrooms consumed than in Russia. In many countries mushrooms, considered by Russians to be very tasty and “noble”, are ignored and considered relatively poisonous. People began to gather mushrooms in ancient times, and since then the technique of mushroom hunting has not changed, nor has the recipe for cooking them. Many mushrooms species are gathered for eating; boletus edulis (considered to be the most palatable), leccinum versipelle and leccinum scabrum are among the mushrooms that are gathered in Russia. These mushrooms are used to prepare soups, dried for later use, pickled, or sometimes fried.

Other mushrooms are for frying: cantharellus (nothing is tastier), morchella and russula. Lactarius, different kinds of armillaria and lactarius deliciosus can be salted, pickled and soused. Pickled lactarius is an incredibly tasty dish.