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Beef jelly
At last, the time has come to give details about a dish as distinct as kholodets. Kholodets (aka studen’) is gelatin made from meat (beef or pork) stock with pieces of meat embedded in it. Nowadays, pig’s feet, ears and tails are usually used, but back in the day the ideal kholodets was made from cow head, legs and brains. To make the stock thicken, the meat with bones is simmered for 5 to 12 hours. Then, the stock is strained, the meat is separated from the bone (normally, it leaves the bone by itself), the meat is placed on the vessel’s bottom, covered with stock and left to cool off (for instance, in a fridge). Kholodets is served after it becomes gelatin, with chopped horseradish (chren) or hot mustard.