Fruits and berries

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berries of Siberia

Fruits and berries in Russia were not only consumed fresh, baked and dried, but also soused or cooked in honey. Candied berries and jams could be kept for a long time and they allowed people to eat berries and bake sweet pies even in winter. Berries, fruits, and dried fruits were used to make alcohol-free and alcoholic drinks, like, for instance, uzvar (or vzvar) or lingonberry water. In the central part of Russia the main fruits were pears, apples, plums, wild cherries, strawberries, cranberries, lingonberries, stone bramble and viburnum.

As the territory expanded and more ethnic groups were added, the state became multiethnic and the menu grew larger. Later, fruits and vegetables, exotic for Russia, were imported from overseas, and by the 19th century they were grown in greenhouses.