About Us

Hello! My name is Igor. I have been running a travel agency in Russia (this one actually!) for over 10 years and I want to offer you something special.

One of the main focuses of our business today is the “Russia for me” project, which is aimed at foreign visitors.

In recent years the hospitality industry has been growing quickly in all parts of our country. Today we are happy to greet travelers not only in the cities that are renown tourist centers, but also in the far reaches of Russia, previously unfamiliar and inaccessible to our guests.

Nowadays ecotourism and other kinds of nature-oriented tourism have gained popularity, giving big-city dwellers, tired of noise and smoke, the chance to enjoy the fresh air and the contact with nature this type of tourism provides. Gourmet tourism, sports tourism, guided tours, hunting and fishing, history and religion, and the riddles of today and mysteries of the ages past…

All of this is Russia.

Why us?

We will definitely adjust to your own wishes and preferences. We are focused on taking an individual approach and are ready to offer you a variety of one-of-a-kind programs and unconventional trips of all types, for any budget and for any purpose.

On the pages of our site you will find an abundance of information that will help you choose routes or create a route of your own to explore Russia. You will also find a lot of useful advice that will help you organize your own tour, if you are not into hiring travel agencies at all. Nevertheless, our team members can always examine your program and look into its feasibility, and give you useful advice or a second opinion. An outside opinion, especially an expert one, from someone living in the country that you want to visit, will be very helpful.

If you are already in Russia we will help you choose an excursion or a tour within the country online, by telephone or directly in our office.

If you are just beginning to plan your visit we can take care of the organization of your trip, design a route for you, help with travel documents, book accommodation, and schedule all the events and free time activities.  All these services can be provided either in a package or individually.

Like many others we can offer standard tourist routes recommended by practically all sources of information. All of these routes are shown on our site, and you can examine the programs' details and request a quote.

But remember, we have much more to offer!

We are aware of the scarcity of unbiased and truly useful information about Russia in different languages  on the Internet. We are actively working on making this right. The site is growing. Every day we add new articles about monuments and museums, people and traditions, history and culture, myths and the truth about Russia. We add interviews, useful tips, and real secrets from seasoned travelers. We sincerely want you to fall in love with our country, find your way into the mysterious Russian soul, and feast your eyes on beauties previously unseen.

We strongly advise you to linger on this site, since you have already arrived. Follow us on social media or bookmark this page in your tabs. Some of the information will surely be helpful when you come to Russia. Get in touch with us, make use of our services, and you will not be disappointed.