Russian Souvenirs

What is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to souvenirs from Russia? Of course, it is matryoshka, balalaika, vodka and caviar. Oh, and a hat with ear flaps as well! However, the ear flap hat is now in vogue, and has ceased to be such a rarity, vodka can be bought almost anywhere in the world.

Russian Holidays

Russian people love celebrating, and they know how to do it! They always have fun in a big way and to their heart's content. If you buy a tear-off calendar in Russia, you will notice that almost every day one holiday or another is celebrated.

Russian Cuisine

When it comes to Russian cuisine, there are certain things that come to mind: bliny (pancakes), borsch and caviar. And it might be puzzling to learn that borsch is actually a Ukrainian national dish, although it is no less popular in Russia.


Latest News

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